The graphical concept of the brand Pelmoon is founded on the harmony between the visual and auditive designs. Sonorously, Pelmoon is immediately related to the Russian name of the product “pelmen” and the English “moon” which reminds the product’s shape. The physical product represented by the logo looks like a half moon, in our case particularly, a half moon and its reflection in the sea. The second meaning of the visual is a dumpling falling in the boiling water, ready to be deliciously cooked. Fresh and tasty!
Conceptul grafic pentru brand-ul Pelmoon este unul bazat pe armonia intre vizual si sonor. Auditiv Pelmoon, simultan seamana cu denumirea in rusa “pelimeni” si “moon” - luna, in engleza. Produsul fizic seamana cu luna, in cazul nostru cu luna si reflectia ei pe mare. Iar sensul secundar este un coltunas, care cade in apa, gata de a fi pregatit. Proaspat si gustos.
Design graphic : Oleg Jelezneac