Location: B-dul Dacia 80/3, Chisinau Republic of Moldova
Type: Airport, passenger terminal
Project year: 2015 - 2017
Photo: Oleg Bajura
The interior concept - "Nature"
Neighbourly and eco-friendly atmosphere, freshness and naturalness, innovation, self-sufficiency and integrity.
Based on the nature richness of our country, a favorable, natural environment has been created using natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as new materials such as quartz agglomerate, HPL panels and tempered glass.
The space is maximally filled with air and light, which is facilitated by panoramic glazing of facades and the use of light and warm finishing materials.
In the interior, there are green zones in the form of separately standing islands and a vertical green garden wall. In addition to aesthetics, it allows you to clean the air of dust and harmful substances, saturate it with phytoncides and adjust the humidity.
In the Departure Hall an upright garden of 38 m2 has more than 25 plant species. A fully automated control system includes watering, it also controls the chemical composition of the water and includes artificial lighting necessary for normal plant growth.
There are some island waiting zones made in the form of ellipsoidal green beds and equipped with power and USB sockets for powering electronic devices.
In the Arrivals Hall there is a "Video Wall" measuring 8.5 * 3.2 m, including 28 Samsung monitors, which, in addition to photos and video materials, broadcast time and weather in the selected world capitals.