Location: near Chisinau. Republic of Moldova
Project area: 460 m2
Project year: 2019
Status: work in progress

Type: private house

The house is located in the vicinity of Chisinau city on the edge of the forest. The size of the site allowed arranging all the rooms of the house in one level.The shape of the building is dictated by the orientation of the rooms relative to the Sun and naturally hides the courtyard with a rectangular pool and a summer house from passers-by.

The main building and the summer house are connected by a pergola, under which there is a patio terrace with a summer kitchen and a barbecue area.

All the premises of the house are separated on the sides: on the left, there is a public area, including a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and on the right there is a private area, including 3 bedrooms and a host bedroom.

Natural materials such as metal, stone and heat-treated wood were used in the decoration of the facades.