Location: Chisinau Airport KIV, Moldova
Type: Beer Pub
Project area: 165 m2
Project year: 2017

Photo: Roman Baidaus
Lumencraft is a cosy beer pub located in the building of the Chisinau International Airport.
The institution is the first place to offer 9 varieties of beer brewed at the same-name craft brewery Lumencraft, located on the territory of the airport of the city.
The plan of the technological and bar zone is built around the cold store for beer kegs, which is connected by a main pipeline with a bottling equipment on the bar counter.
The bar counter is divided by a column into the beer bar area and an open kitchen area. Here, one can watch the preparation of the specialty of Pastarami Sandwich according to the original American recipe from the brisket Black Angus. For beer connoisseurs, the senior chef prepares a variety of raw-cured sausage stored in a special refrigerator with a glass showcase.
The finishing was made using wooden ash panels, clinker bricks and black metal products. One of the main features of the pub is the 7-meter table in the centre of the hall, divided for convenience into 3 parts. The W-shaped legs of the table, made of a metal channel, are repeated in the form of luminaires, which are very visible from the street through the glass.