Location: Airport KIV, B-dul Dacia 80/3, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Project year: 2018 - 2019
Photo: Oleg Bajura
The second stage of the departure hall renovation was the reconstruction of the second floor of the Chisinau International Airport.
The light installation in the cafe area is designed as an accent that attracts the attention of passengers and is visually legible from almost any point on the second and first floors. Despite the size of the structure, it was necessary to achieve the effect of airiness, ephemerality, at the same time using light non-combustible materials.
The design of the light construction consists of a main box in which lamps and ceiling fixture elements are placed. Aluminum chains painted in the color of brass are fixed to the box.
The total weight of the structure is 1.5 tons; overall size is 16m × 16m.
Custom made