Location: B-dul Moscova 6. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Type: Cafe
Project area: 196 m2
Project year: 2019
Photo: Oleg Bajura
The cafe is located on Moscow Avenue in Chisinau, on a crowded pedestrian alley. The chosen format of the place is suitable for all groups of the population, no matter what income you have and what position you occupy. The chosen style and materials used create a modern, light and stylish atmosphere, not overloaded with decor and elements. The ‘fast food’ format offers fast and tasty food, complemented by a assortment of drinks and, of course, excellent and aromatic coffee.
The main element of the concept is the open area of ​​the kitchen, where you always can watch how two cooks prepare your order. The cooking process can be observed both from the terrace and from the cafe lounge. One can comfortably set oneself in the sofa areas or at separate tables. On the terrace and in the hall there are some order waiting areas, so a long bench in which two coffee tables are mounted can be considered a kind of waiting area on the terrace. At night, the lighting installed under the countertops floods the floor of the cafe entrance with light..
The main finishing materials were wood, metal and brick. The hardest thing was to convince the customer to use this particular reddish-brown shade in combination with non-standard brick laying. We also extensively used black color in the interior. For example, on the ceiling, due to which the effect of chamberness is created, and supplemented by spot lighting. On the walls, there are metal decorative lamps and holders for flowerpots made of metal.