2016 - 2017 | str. Lev Tolstoi 74, Chisinau, Moldova
 2018 - Premia DAS, nominatia "Interioare Publice, oficii". Obiect - oficiul companiei "Exfactor Group", Chisinau, Moldova
Main concept: professionalism, purposefulness, maximum openness, transparency, functionality and technological effectiveness.
The office of the construction company is the face of the firm and the credit of trust to customers and partners.
Functionally, the office is divided into 2 parts. The first is the maximum open space both from the side of the street and in the interior. This includes reception, sales department and conference hall.
The second is the closed part that includes offices of employees, directors and archives.
Usage of natural wood as an accent, in contrast to the gray surfaces of the floor and walls, gives the interior austerity and comfort.

Area: 374 m2
Photographer: Oleg Bajura