Location: str. Mitropolit Gavriil Bănulescu-Bodoni 4, Chisinau, Moldova
Type: Cafe
Project area: 45 м2
Project year: 2019

Graphic Design: Oleg Jelezneac
Artists: Tracenco Xenia, Calin Marina
Photographer: Oleg Bajura
A small house of dumplings ‘Pelmoon’ is located in the center of Chisinau city, next to the State University of Moldova on Banulescu Bodoni Street.The location has only one room. ‘Pelmoon’ is a takeaway fast food restaurant with an assortment of dumplings and quick delivery in disposable dishes.The dumplings, which can be classic, with beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and parmesan.
 All dumplings are multi-colored, stained with natural dye: beetroot juice, spinach, and turmeric or cuttlefish ink. Chicken soup or miso can be added to dumplings.Victor Mitin is the chef, recipe inventor and restaurateur.
The interior is made in the Loft concept using elements of metal, wood and preserved concrete texture and rough plastered walls.
 A glass entrance door with a handle made in the shape of a soup ladle meets us, behind which we find ourselves on the stairs leading to the cafe hall. The main logo is inscribed in the design of the balustrade and is made in black raw metal. Seating places are placed along the walls of the hall; some of them are located on a long bench, which is adjoined by small compact tables. By the countertop, which is mounted to a balustrade, there are some bar stools. A part of the wall at the entrance is lined with mirror panels, which allow you to have a spectacular photo zone. The interior is filled with some original elements, such as a menu placed on cutting boards in the bar area, a set of original spoons, forks and pans, a huge rack, some wall paintings, and a lighting system.
Wall painting
The main idea of a drawing for the wall was the creation of a kind and powerful character, who could immers the kitchen in a magical dance just with one wave of his hand. The flying in different sides flour and jumping dumplings create a cozy atmosphere and an appetizing mood. The most difficult and time consuming process was creating a true charcter. Only work step-by-step could lead us to the final result, because even small modifications introduced something new and inproved the overall perception of the picture. As a result, we see a picture of a big and friendly chef who meets us with a warm smile surrounded by his magical dumplings.

Technical specifications
The scketches for mural painting were performed with help of professional pen tablet in programm of Photoshop. Only after finishing the compositional concept we started transferring the drawing on the wall. During the work were made some adjustments, which improved the overall picture and led us tobetter results. The materials, wich we used were: synthetic art brushes of different sizes, water-based emulsion paint and colorings.
graphic design